Introduction to Rust Web Applications

This is a quick & dirty guide to building a web app using an all-rust stack: Diesel as an ORM, Rocket as a web framework, and Seed for the [WebAssembly] frontend.

Read this book to learn how to quickly throw together a prototype application, all with your favorite programming language.

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You can refer to the repo for the book to see the finished code for each chapter.

Engineering Rust Web Applications

This will be a more in-depth look at a more disciplined process for designing, coding, testing, and deploying web applications using rust.

Why am I writing this?

Why is this book/course titled "Engineering Rust Web Applications" and not something like "Rust Web App Development"?

I don't want to write a "show me teh codes" kind of book. I'd like to be able to account for trade-offs, testing, refactoring, and doing these things as part of a reproducible process.

Finding information on all of those aspects of the engineering process isn't _that_ hard if you know what to look for. But assembling that information into your environment and making all the recipes you've found work together in a sane way can be tricky. I want to pull all of that knowledge together into one place.

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